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Our Partnership program, with Trucksters, you will never walk alone

Main Partner

  • Gas card

  • Insurance

  • Mobile App Access

  • Free Trucksters TMS

  • Integrations

  • Priority on new routes

Veteran Partner

  • Gas card

  • Insurance

  • Mobile App Access

  • Free Trucksters TMS


  • Gas Card

  • Insurance

  • Mobile App Access

Put your trucks on our platform. Insured monthly billing. Stop worrying about income and headaches.
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Fuel card


Trucksters collaborates with AS24 to offer you its exclusive fuel card.

Savings of up to 12 cents per liter, increased liquidity with payment terms of more than 30 days, thousands of stations across Europe and no fixed monthly costs - these are just some of the benefits of a profitable partnership.


In addition, with the card you can manage all payments related to tolls throughout Europe.

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Our TMS + mobile App


From minute 0, access to our exclusive mobile app.


In addition, if you are a selected partner, our TMS with which you will no longer have to continuously manage your invoices by hand.


We offer you the same TMS that we use, completely free. You can centralize your billing, track your trucks, assign tasks to drivers, share the position with your clients, centralize all your documentation and much more.

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Trucksters offers you the possibility of contracting a transport liability insurance in case your insurance does not meet the specific needs of our customers.


We simplify the entire insurance process, guaranteeing your protection at all times.

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