At Trucksters we offer a unique full load transportation service (FTL) thanks to an innovative relay system and the best technology.

Why Trucksters?

Up to 2x faster
Up to 20% more efficient
Up to x4 times safer
Our transport services connect Europe in the fastest, most secure and sustainable way possible, while offering high visibility, digitalization and transparency in the process.




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Our fleet is READY to be at YOUR service

We transport full truck loads (FTL) and we have a fleet fully equipped and sensorized for the needs of our customers - tautliners, mega, semi-mega, refrigerators and closed boxes.
With Trucksters our clients win, they have their cargo at their destination sooner thanks to the optimization of the routes, with complete visibility on the transport process, in addition to reducing the impact of CO2 and improving the quality of life of professionals in the sector.

YOUR client portal

We offer you the visibility you need on the service and the load.
It is a portal made for you , we can modify it and adapt it to your reporting needs included in our service.
As soon as you book a shipment with us, you will have full access to our information platform:
  • Truck location
  • Estimated arrival times
  • Key milestone notifications
  • Digital documentation
  • Service metrics
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Our TRANSPORT services

Our service is based on an innovative relay system between semi-trailers , which, combined with the best technology, improve transit times on the routes, making them more efficient and safer, as well as improving the quality of life of the driver.


Relays take place at monitored exchange locations and by authorization through our mobile apps.


Son muchos los clientes que se benefician de nuestro transporte por relevos
"Trucksters pone sus esfuerzos en entender nuestro negocio y adaptar su solución a nuestras necesidades como nadie lo había hecho antes. Los consideramos una extensión de nuestro departamento de logística"
Estrella Galicia
We carry your loads faster, further and safer
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