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makes the magic

We are a carefree, young, compact and dynamic team
Capable of deploying
power, capacity and efficiency in any situation
¿Wanna change an industry? 

Our values



Be good and honest with your colleagues, customers, drivers, suppliers and investors. Generate good karma for Trucksters.


There are a lot of things to change and improve out there, go out and conquer that space, be brave. It's better to try and fail than not to try.


Arguments, data and ideas win, not each other's rank and experience.

No one is more or less than anyone else in our entire ecosystem.

Good vibes

What we do, changing an industry, is hard enough. Let's make it easy for each other :)

The Team

"It is not more or less optimal, it IS optimal"

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Lucia Tajuelo

Head of Algorithms

"Right now is in dev but I'll put it in prod in a sec"

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Enrique García


"Customers first, customer customer customer!"

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Jesus Montero

Account Manager

"Where to? Oh yes, that cargo fits us perfectly"

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Carlos Soriano

Head of Traffic

"Let's go for it!"

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Arturo Carceller

Operations Manager Intern

"We have to make this very organically"

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Ramon Castro


"We came to give our best, super team"

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Luis Bardaji


"In order to understand things... yo have to break them down"

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Gabor Balogh