#Trucksters is


Transit times equivalent to air freight

Europe point-to-point in 24/48h
Up to 50% faster
Up to 20% more efficient
Up to x4 times safer
Lower social and environmental impact

What we do

We offer express long-distance transport services with maximum safety, efficiency and sustainability, thanks to our innovative relay service and technology adapted to the new times. Europe from point to point in 24-48h.
All of this is based on a relay system that improves the driver's quality of life while offering benefits to the rest of the ecosystem.

We transport full loads (FTL) and have a fleet fully equipped for the needs of our customers - taultilners, mega, semi-mega, refrigerators and closed box trailer.


With Trucksters our customers have their cargo at destination sooner, with full visibility over the transport process in addition to reducing the impact of CO2 and improving the quality of life of professionals in the sector.

We have more than 1,500 drivers on our platform and a dedicated fleet ready to take journeys all over Europe.

Join the transportation as is meant to be in 2020

Before it was done like this


Drivers sleep in their truck, which will be stopped for 11 hours

1,300 km in 30 hours



A simple comparison

Example of Madrid-Dortmund route

Model A

Sole driver

Transit time:


Approximate cost:

Days away from home:


1.900 €

6 days / week

Model B

Double driver

Transit time:


Approximate cost:


Days away from home:


2.400 €

3 days / week


Transit time:

Approximate cost:


Days away from home:


1.900 €

1 day / week

The visibility you need

As soon as you book a shipment with us, you will have access to our information platform.
Truck location, estimated arrival times, key milestone notifications, digital documentation, service metrics and much more awaits you in this virtual wonderland

Take part of the conversation

The places where we are present 

Our partners

in this journey

We are a portfolio company of APX (the joint venture between Axel Springer & Porsche) and Grupo Undanet, and work closely with ASTIC, an IRU member association and Hijos de Rivera (Estrella Galicia), the 4th largest brewery in Spain.
We take your loads faster, farther and cheaper. Ask for a quote.

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