The fastest freight transport by road

With our relay system we can offer express transport, with greater security at the best price.

What we offer

In Trucksters we offer express international transport services with maximum safety, efficiency, and sustainability, thanks to our innovative relay system and technology. Europe from point to point in 24-45h. Our clients enjoy similar transit times as air-freight but more cost-efficient, more eco-friendly and more human. 

Why Trucksters?

Up to 2x faster
Up to 20% more efficient
Up to x4 times safer
Lower social and environmental impact
Our transport services connect Europe in the fastest, most secure and sustainable way possible, while offering high visibility, digitalization and transparency in the process.

The relay chain

With Trucksters your freight never stops. With the best use of technology, our Operations Team plans routes so your freight gets to destination as quick as possible. We interchange truck heads safely and securely, allowing drivers to sleep at home.

Before it was done like this


Drivers sleep in their truck, which will be stopped for 11 hours

1,300 km in 30 hours



With Trucksters it is done like this


With full traceability and security

1,300 km in 18 hours



A simple comparison

Example of Madrid-Dortmund route

Model A

Sole driver

Transit time:


Approximate cost:

Days away from home:



6 days / week

Model B

Double driver

Transit time:


Approximate cost:


Days away from home:


Medium - High

3 days / week


Transit time:

Approximate cost:


Days away from home:



1 day / week

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Our partners

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We are a portfolio company of Grupo Undanet, Big Sur, The Valley, APX, and work closely with ASTIC, an IRU member association.